28-Day Cross-Training Challenge Opportunity

A Simple, Portable, Bodyweight Baseline Cross-Training Program Without Needing Expensive Gym Memberships, Equipment, and Tons of Time & Space!

  • If I could show you how to lose weight, gain strength, and boost your health, happiness & energy without spending hours in the gym, would you be interested?
  • Are you tired of overwhelming exercise programs that have you working out non-stop during your New Year’s Resolution period, but is not sustainable as a lifestyle?
  • Can you imagine creating a life you’re proud of, with strength and energy to positively impact others, by investing 30 minutes or less, just 3 times a week?!

You Are Not Alone

At the start of every year, millions of people start going to the gym multiple times a week or buy the next expensive exercise program that has you working out hours per week.

In the end, they often burn out, get discouraged, put their gym membership card or exercise DVD on the shelf, or worse, get injured by not exercising properly, with enough rest.

I’m Here To Put A Stop To The New Year’s Resolution Failure Rate!

I’m KEVIN HSU, a Certified Personal Trainer and expert in making it easier for people to be healthier, happier & have more energy, so they can better achieve their goals. I help people develop a simple and sustainable plan to integrate cross-training exercise into their long-term lifestyle.

But It Wasn’t Always Like This – I Was On the Seemingly Never-Ending Cycle of Making Exercise Resolutions and Failing!

I tried the gym membership option.  I paid lots of money per month to get access to state of the art equipment almost anytime I wanted.  It was great.  I would make time to get in the car, drive to the gym, check in, get changed, do a long workout while waiting for the popular equipment to be free, shower, get changed, and then drive back home to resume normal life.  It was great, for a while.  But then real life caught up with me and I just couldn’t justify the amount of time I was spending exercising.  So I went less and less, making it easier to have excuses why I didn’t have enough time to go to the gym yet again.

I then tried the home exercise videos option.  I paid lots of money, but just one-time, not per month, to get access to exercise videos, whether on DVD or online.  And like the gym, it was great, for a while.  All I needed to do was turn on the computer and load it up and get moving.  It was great, until loneliness settled in.  There is something dramatically different between seeing other people exercising on screen and rubbing shoulders with real people in the gym.  Exercise became a lonely, isolating experience, which always made me quit in time.

I then went back to the expensive gym membership option, and the cycle of failure kept repeating itself.

Enough Was Enough – I Was Determined To Find a Better Way

The more people I talked to, the more I realized that I was not the only one experiencing the same cycle of making exercise resolutions and then failing over and over again.

Instead of becoming even more frustrated and discouraged, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I took a close look at the workout products and exercise options that were available.  I started asking more questions to myself and other people, investigating why exercise resolutions didn’t stick and turn into a habit and lifestyle.

What I Discovered Shocked Me!

I discovered that most exercise programs were built for the minority extremes of the population, either those who really love working out or those who recognize that they really need to exercise because of a serious health condition. People who really love working out are happy to inconvenience themselves to do a grueling exercise program.  And people who are faced with a serious health condition know that life won’t look the same as before, so they accept the sacrifices involved to go through most exercise programs.

However, the majority of the population won’t commit to the regular sacrifices needed for most exercise programs.

Several big factors jumped out to me from the majority who knew they should exercise more, but could not find a realistic, sustainable program to do so.

  • Time – most exercise programs require too much time investment, both the exercise routine itself and the logistics surrounding exercise, especially with commuting to gyms
  • Inconvenience – in the midst of busy days, most people don’t want to drive to another location to exercise
  • Travel – in our day and age, lots of people travel, whether for work or holidays or vacation. Most exercise programs require state-of-the-art equipment that most people do not own, and if they did, they are not portable.
  • Friends – it is hard to do something regularly surrounded primarily by strangers in a fairly non-relational environment, when you know your friends are doing other things together without you

It Was Time For A Change!

Because all these reasons were not irrational, stemming from pure laziness and lack of desire and discipline, I saw an extraordinary opportunity to create real change by addressing these factors that prevented the majority of people from developing a realistic, sustainable lifestyle that included regular exercise.

The Results I Saw Were Amazing – All with NO Huge Time Sacrifices, NO Expensive Equipment, NO Expensive Memberships, and NO Inflexibility!

In the midst of working a time-intensive, high-stress job, enjoying marriage, parenting three young kids (6, 4, and 2, with a fourth on the way), and travelling a good amount, I have been out of the exercise resolution and failure cycle for over 7 years.  And most of those years I was the pastor of a small church in an expensive area, meaning I did not have the resources for any gym membership or expensive exercise DVD program.

I learned about, modified, and developed a 28-Day Cross-Training Challenge that was simple, short, portable, needing minimal floor space, and all bodyweight. Despite my busy, unpredictable life, the 28-Day Cross-Training Challenge helped me integrate regular exercise as a lifestyle habit!

In Just 28 Short And Powerful Days, With Friends, In Your Home Or A Park, You Can Develop the Healthy Lifestyle Habit of Regular Exercise – Introducing The Cross-Training Challenge!

28-Day Cross-Training Challenge Guide

The 28-Day Cross-Training Challenge Guide provides a simple exercise program to follow.  The program is three days a week for four weeks, with each workout being less than 30 minutes, not including warm-up, cool-down, and stretching.  The four weeks exercise program all fits on one double-sided page for convenience.

28-Day Cross-Training Challenge Format Video

My 28-Day Cross-Training Challenge Format Video will walk you through the typical format for Days 1, 2, and 3 of each week, so you know what to expect and can get into a good rhythm.

28-Day Cross-Training Challenge Exercise Videos

These videos show you how to do each exercise listed in the guide.

28-Day Cross-Training Challenge Progression Videos

These videos will show you different progressions for basic movements.  One difficulty I found with most online exercise programs is that they include exercises that are too difficult for people who are just getting started after many years.  As a result, people either give up because it is too hard, or they try to do something beyond their current range, and they injure themselves.  If something I describe in the guide is too hard or easy, these progression videos will help you find the right level of difficulty for the exercise.

Furthermore, these challenge progression videos allows you to maintain the healthy lifestyle habit you develop by allowing you to repeat the 28-day challenge over and over with increasingly difficult progressions of the exercises.

Grab Hold Of An Exercise Lifestyle, While Not Letting Go Of Your Cash!

If you’re going to invest in a healthy lifestyle, choose an exercise program that is realistic, sustainable, flexible, and doable with family and friends.

People normally pay $20/hour each to go through this program in group class. And, if you wanted just one private personal training session with me to learn this information, it would cost $80/hour.

But, because I’m so passionate about getting this information and this program out to the world, I realized that by putting all of my information in a simple, easy-to-understand program with easy-to-read guides and short videos, I could get this program out to the masses for just $7.

This is a huge savings from my group classes AND you can get the same exact results as you would working with me privately – at a fraction of the cost!

So, you can spend many hundred or thousands of dollars on expensive memberships, expensive equipment, and long workouts, or you can choose a solution that will help provide lifestyle habit development for much less.

It’s Time!

Tomorrow can be just another day of you feeling tired, discouraged, lonely, and frustrated OR TODAY can be the last day of the way you used to be and the cycle you used to be stuck in.

It’s YOUR choice.

If you don’t say “YES” today, I wonder how much longer you will continue to put yourself last and not take action to live a life that is healthy, strong, and powerful, with great energy to positively impact others.

Your New Life Starts NOW!

To make this your reality, you MUST start NOW! Don’t put it off one second longer!

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