28-Day Cross-Training Challenge Exercise Progressions

Exercise Progressions

For most of the exercises, you can do progressions by varying your speed and intensity.  Push-ups and Pull-ups deserve a bit more explanation.  The following videos show progressions from beginner to more difficult and advanced.

* The Password for all videos is “28challenge”

Push-up Progressions

Wall Push-ups –> Inclined Push-ups (the lower you go the more difficult it becomes) –> Knee Push-ups –> Down Regular, Knee Up Push-ups –> Regular Push-ups –> Clapping Push-ups

Pull-up Progressions

Negative Pull-ups (using a stool or chair to start at the top and holding with slow descent) –> Pull-ups with assistance (if you have a band or a partner to help lift you up) –> Regular Pull-ups –> 1 second up, 3 second descent Pull-ups –> 1 second up, few seconds hold, 3 second descent Pull-ups

Pull-up Final Notes

  • Another pull-up type progression that is excellent for beginners is doing rows.  Essentially, instead of having a bar above you, the bar is around stomach height, and you still do a “pulling” movement.  By changing the angle of your body, the row changes in difficulty.
  • Purchasing a pull-up bar for your home or office is an affordable and excellent investment
  • Most places you go have a park or playground nearby where you can turn lots of things into makeshift pull-up bars or row bars
  • For rows, purchasing a set of resistance bands is another option for an affordable and excellent investment that is also portable and excellent for travel