Don’t Forget to Stretch

Last week’s note was a little long on how we can overcome our struggles with shame.  So I am going to keep it much shorter this week.

I simply want to remind you: don’t forget to stretch after you do cross-training or any type of exercise.

I am writing this because recently, I was running late to an appointment, so after my cross-training workout, I skipped my normal stretching routine.  Bad idea.  I normally don’t get sore the day after my workouts, and even when I do get sore, it doesn’t last for more than one day.

However, this time, because I did not stretch after I exercised, I was much more sore than usual, and it lasted for over three days!  Not beneficial for holistic fitness, health, and wellness!

So friends, don’t forget to stretch!

Now, as a quick sidenote: stretch AFTER you exercise, not before you exercise, which is when you should do a more dynamic, movement-based warm-up.  If you have questions about that, let me know.