Can You Identify Sugars In Disguise?

Too much sugar and the wrong kinds of sugar are some of the biggest hindrances to long-term success in obtaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  For me, I was addicted to soda, especially at places that offered cheap drinks with free refills. (gotta get my money’s worth right?)  In addition, I was deluded into thinking it wasn’t too bad because I chose the “diet” options – which just had many other sugars in disguise.

Now, from the info-graphic below, I suspect that I am not a unique person when it comes to struggling with sugar addiction (sadly).


Now, if we desire to decrease our sugar intake, we need to be able to identify the many different ways sugar disguises itself.  I want to help you work smarter and shorter, not harder and longer!

To do so, I am including a one-page handout from the Institute of Transformational Nutrition, the nutrition institute I studied at.  You can print it out or save it on your smartphone for easy access whenever you are out shopping.

Let’s Pursue Fitness to Positively Impact Others!

Kevin Hsu, CPT & CTNC

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