Building Healthy Community

Some of the most difficult times in my life have come when I have been alone and lonely.  Working alone has rarely been a formula for success in anything in life, including the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

So, here are some ideas for building healthy community to best set you up for long-term success in obtaining and maintaining holistic fitness.

1) Try a fitness challenge (28-day exercise plan or 21-day meal plan) and invite a friend or two to do it with you.  You can support one another and set up some friendly competition with one another.

2) Ask friends to exercise with you in a location convenient for all of you.  Parents can exercise regularly with other parents after dropping their kids off at school or while their kids are at a sports activity.  Neighbors can exercise regularly together.  I personally have had great, consistent community exercise with both parents and neighbors at a local park.

3) Shop for healthy groceries with friends.  You can save money by buying things in bulk and sharing the healthy ingredients.

4) Meal plan and collaborate with friends.  Each person can make a large quantity of one healthy meal, and then share additional servings with others.  That way, everyone not only cooks less, but everyone also gets more variety of healthy meals.  And, you can enjoy eating some of those meals with those friends as well.

What other ideas do you have?

Let’s Pursue Fitness to Positively Impact Others!

Kevin Hsu, CPT & CTNC

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