Hi, my name is Kevin.  I am the owner of Fitness for Impact.

Here is a little bit about me and how Fitness for Impact began.

I grew up around Pasadena, CA.  I went to UC Berkeley for college.  After living in Washington, D.C. for almost three years, I moved back to the Bay Area in 2007 and now reside in North Oakland, near Berkeley and Emeryville.

I wish I could tell you that from an early age, I was involved in fitness, but I can’t.  I was born a very sickly boy.  I had almost every allergy you could think of (food and environmental).  I only remember being able to eat rice and some meats.  Moreover, almost half my life until I was four years old was spent in a hospital due to poor health.

I know what it feels like to have little to no impact because of poor fitness.

It wasn’t until the middle of high school when I began to deliberately exercise and grow stronger that I began outgrowing many of my allergies.   I began to see the positive impact strength, conditioning, and overall fitness had on my personal life.  I exercised more and more, and was able to finally play some competitive sports.

Yet, for several years, I mostly pursued fitness for personal and rather selfish reasons.  I wanted to be the best at sports.  I wanted to attract attention from other people.   Pursuing fitness was all about ME, and increasingly, it became less and less satisfying and fulfilling.

Deep down, I knew that life was not all about me, that this world was not designed to revolve around me.  In the middle of college, my life hit a dramatic turn as I was unsatisfied and depressed from living solely for myself.  Then, as I began loving and serving other people, seeking to view people not as obstacles in my way, or objects to be used for my gain, but as I sought to view people as extremely valuable human beings to serve, I actually experienced even greater joy and fulfillment.

Since that point, for the past 10+ years, I have regularly sought to encourage people to live for something greater than themselves.  I had a passion for fitness, and wherever I went, I began doing informal personal training.  In addition, as a licensed and ordained pastor for the past 8+ years, my passion for fitness is holistic.   Throughout the years, I have also seen the importance of guilt-and-shame free community support for long-term success.

With that said, I started “Fitness for Impact,” to empower communities to support & positively impact one another through holistic fitness!

If you want to have a positive impact and be a blessing to your community, workplace,  family, spiritual community, school, sports team, or anywhere else, the greater overall fitness you have, the greater blessing you will be.

In addition, throughout the years I have noticed how busy life is for most people, and how difficult it is to obtain and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  It is hard to find time to drive somewhere to exercise.  It is hard to exercise in isolation or among a group of strangers.  Therefore, my mission is to positively impact you by going to you and your community, to make health fit for you, providing fitness where you live, work & play.

So come JOIN the Fitness for Impact FAMILY, so we can support & positively impact one another and others through holistic fitness!

Fitness for Family Impact

I am blessed to be married to Connie.  These are three of my four wonderful children, who I love exercising with and living life with.  Our newborn isn’t quite ready to exercise with us yet.University_of_California,_Berkeley_athletic_logo.svg